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Items with this symbol are in the Top 10% Bestsellers list.
Books with this symbol include chord symbols. This would be the name of the chord such as "C" or "G7" written above the music.
Books with this symbol include song lyrics.
Items with this symbol have been chosen as a Director's Choice by our staff of instructors.
The number shown next to any book represents the difficulty of the book. The difficulty is rated on a scale of 1 through 6, with 6 being the most difficult.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments included.
Books with this symbol have piano accompaniments available.
Books with this symbol have CDs included.
Books with this symbol have CDs available.
Books with this symbol include guitar tablature. This is a special 6 line staff that gives suggested fingerings for all notes.
Books with this symbol include guitar chords. Guitar chords have a small graphic giving suggested finger placement to play the chord.
There are four types of band sets: Concert, Marching/Pep, Jazz, and Small Ensemble.
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Ensemble Music (Continued)
  Besame Mucho Kiss Me Much - Mariachi Ensemble
Item number 8898393FQ, $35.00
  De Colores - Mariachi Ensemble
Item number 8898440FQ, $35.00
  Guadalajara - Mariachi Ensemble
Item number 8898433FQ, $35.00
  Si Nos Dejan - Mariachi Ensemble
Item number 8898418FQ, $35.00
  Solamente Una Vez (Only Once In My Life)
Item number 8898429FQ
Regular Price: $35.00, Our Price: $26.25
You will save $8.75
    10 Duets In The Styles Of Romantic, Blues, Bossa Nova, Samba, Pop, And Folk
88 pages, Item number 1301916FQ
Regular Price: $24.95, Our Price: $18.71
You will save $6.24
     100 Songs For Kids
125 pages, Item number 1301650FQ, $14.99
    25 Country Standards
80 pages, Item number 1301779FQ, $12.95
   25 Great Country Guitar Solos
97 pages, Item number 1303932FQ, $19.99
      The Best Of Chet Atkins - Guitar Signature Licks
70 pages, Item number 1302365FQ
Regular Price: $22.95, Our Price: $17.21
You will save $5.74
   Chet Atkins - Vintage Fingerstyle
78 pages, Item number 1300559FQ, $19.95
    Chet Atkins C.G.P. - Almost Alone
79 pages, Item number 1300733FQ, $19.95
     The Best Of Dwight Yoakam
96 pages, Item number 1303836FQ, $19.95
   Bluegrass Country Songbook For Guitar
63 pages, Item number 1303590FQ, $9.95
    Bluegrass Guitar Classics
39 pages, Item number 1301727FQ, $7.95
   Bluegrass Standards: 16 Songs Arranged For Solo Guitar In "Travis Picking" Style
31 pages, Item number 1304096FQ, $7.99
   Campfire Folk Songs
95 pages, Item number 1302506FQ, $10.99
   Mary Chapin Carpenter - Between Here And Gone
88 pages, Item number 1704409FQ, $14.95
    The Carter Family Collection
127 pages, Item number 1300388FQ, $19.95
    The Best Of Johnny Cash, 2nd Edition
88 pages, Item number 1300867FQ, $16.99
    Johnny Cash - My Mother's Hymn Book
44 pages, Item number 1704418FQ, $14.95
    The Very Best Of Johnny Cash
47 pages, Item number 1301612FQ, $14.99
    Celtic Guitar - Songbook
64 pages, Item number 1301288FQ, $9.95
   Chicken Pickin' - Over 100 Hot Country Guitar Licks
39 pages, Item number 1300958FQ, $16.95
      Children's Songs For Beginning Guitar
38 pages, Item number 1302074FQ, $10.99
    Children's Songs
148 pages, Item number 1301766FQ, $16.99
     The Best Of Patsy Cline
64 pages, Item number 1300846FQ, $10.95
     CMT 100 Greatest Songs Of Country Music
342 pages, Item number 1303022FQ, $27.95
    Country Blues Guitar Basics: Learn The Fundamentals Of Blues Fingerpicking And Slide
58 pages, Item number 1304077FQ, $19.99
    Country Classics
95 pages, Item number 1301120FQ, $14.95
     Country Classics For Easy Guitar: 100 Songs
256 pages, Item number 1304333FQ, $19.99
    Country Favorites - 100 Songs
171 pages, Item number 1304172FQ, $19.99
    Country Favorites - Guitar Chord Songbook
147 pages, Item number 1304060FQ, $14.99
     Country From The Heart
62 pages, Item number 1300229FQ
Regular Price: $9.95, Our Price: $7.46
You will save 25%
    Country Guitar Bible
248 pages, Item number 1300752FQ, $19.95
183 pages, Item number 1301763FQ, $14.99
     Country Guitar Songs
78 pages, Item number 1304101FQ, $14.99
  The Country Guitar Style Of Charlie Monroe - Based On The 1936-1938 Bluebird Recordings By The Monroe Brothers
63 pages, Item number 1304092FQ, $19.99
   Country Hits - Second Edition
255 pages, Item number 1702864FQ, $7.95
     Country Hits 2010-2011
56 pages, Item number 1304499FQ, $14.99
     Country Hits Of '06 - '07
55 pages, Item number 1303158FQ, $12.95
     Country Hits Of 2007 - 2008
53 pages, Item number 1303539FQ, $12.95
     Country Hits Of 2009-2010
64 pages, Item number 1304316FQ, $14.99
Country Pop: Easy Rhythm Guitar Series
Item number 1303900FQ, $14.99
    Country Solos For Guitar
78 pages, Item number 1300616FQ, $17.95
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