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Complete Guide To Film Scoring

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Complete Guide To Film Scoring

378 pages, Item number 1630087FQ, $27.95

This comprehensive guide is essential for anyone interested in the business process and procedures of writing music for film and television. Learn step-by-step the Berklee College of Music approach to the art of film scoring, including such topics as the film-making process, preparing and recording a score, and the business side of film scoring. Topics on the business side include discussions on contractual agreements, fees, publishing, royalties, and copyrights. You will be able to learn first-hand from interviews with 19 film-scoring professionals including Michael Kaman, Alf Clausen and Alan Silvestri among others. This guide provides an insight to the art of scoring music for film in unusually clear and concise language!

Product Format: Reference Book

Publisher: This piece was published by Berklee Press.

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