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Nirvana And The Grunge Revolution

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Nirvana And The Grunge Revolution

200 pages, Item number 1630016FQ
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The year was 1991, and big hair, simpering ballads and unwholesome excess were the order of the day in rock. MTV's airwaves were choked with the likes of Poison, Motley Crue, and Warrant, glam metal machines whose every song pulsated with explosive but empty guitar solos and girls, girls, girls hysteria. Rock was a circus, a neon carnival filled with pomp and glitzy circumstance.
Then came Nirvana and its NEVERMIND album, and everything changed.
The Seattle based band pulled the plug on all the glam rock and nonsense, restoring genuine passion, dignity and meaning to rock. As "Smells Like Teen Spirit", NEVERMIND's first single, raced up the charts, America embraced Nirvana lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain as its newest rock hero. But Cobain wasn't the typical teen idol: his unkempt appearance, gruff voice, and grinding, minimalist guitar style were far removed from the perfectly coiffed pretty boys who dominated rock and roll in the Eighties. Cobain's popularity soared, as did the infectious "Teen Spirit", which quickly attained genuine anthem status. NEVERMIND, meanwhile, followed suit.
This 200 page, 6" by 9" book chronicles the Nirvana/Seattle Grunge movement from its beginnings through Cobain's death. Interviews with Cobain, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Alice In Chain's Jerry Cantrell and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell bring the story of Nirvana and the Seattle Sound to life.

Product Format: Book

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Complete song list for "Nirvana And The Grunge Revolution" - Sheet Music Songbook:

Nirvana And The Grunge Revolution - Composer: Jeff Kitts, Brad Tolinski, and Harold Steinblatt - 1998

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