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Confessions Of A Record Producer

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Confessions Of A Record Producer

241 pages, Item number 1630012FQ
Regular Price: $23.95, Our Price: $7.19
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"Confessions Of A Record Producer" will tell you what the record companies don't want you to know. If you're involved in the music recording game, this practical survival guide will help you protect your rights and preserve your assets.
"Confessions Of A Record Producer" is not about how the music recording business SHOULD work, but how it DOES work. Using real-life examples from 15 years' experience, industry insider Moses Avalon tells it like it is: how producers dip into budgets, artists steal songs, labels skim royalties, and other rip-offs and betrayals. Shooting straight from the hip - not to frighten, but to enlighten - Avalon reveals ALL the hidden agendas and what you can do to survive them.
This book dissects major as well as indie record deals, exploring some of the shadier sides of the music recording business, such as: How much do artists really make?; The copyright myth, or "Hey, they stole my song!"; Sneaky lawyer stuff: Decoding an actual major recording contract; and much, much more.
This book is fascinating reading, and should be REQUIRED READING for anyone contemplating a musical career.

Product Format: Reference Book

   This product has been chosen as a Director's Choice by our staff of instructors.
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Complete song list for "Confessions Of A Record Producer" - Sheet Music Songbook:

Confessions Of A Record Producer - Composer: Moses Avalon - 1998

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